I’ve already spoken about the fact this blog has been created thanks to my big decision to trek the Great Wall of China in aid of the Mental Health Foundation, I talk all about it on my trekking page!

However, there’s a big bit of information missing from this blog and that is my own personal history with mental illness. Which is why I sat down to film a whole video, all about my mental illness history and to give everyone a bit of context around why I would decide to make this huge decision.

The response I’ve had from releasing this has been amazing. I’ve had family and friends messaging me to tell me their own stories or simply to just say how proud they are that I’m bringing this, still stigmatised, issue to the fore front.

So sit back, relax and maybe grab a brew cause this is a long one!


Like I said in the video, if anyone has any questions about my mental health, coping techniques, or even just questions about my China trek, feel free to ask in the comments below. The more people come out and talk about their own stories, the easier it will be for those that don’t currently feel like they can.

There is still so much stigma and bad vibes towards those with mental illness. To talk about our problems is not to show weakness, it’s NOT attention seeking, it’s not a cry for pity, it is a way for us to come together and HELP each other.

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