The term ‘Eat the Rainbow’ is something I’ve been hearing a lot recently. Especially when it came to looking more into plant based diets and vegetarian alternatives.

More and more fitness bloggers were throwing in this phrase on their Instagram posts or in their advice blogs, but not many of them explain what it actually means. Then again, it’s pretty self-explanatory.


What does it mean to ‘Eat the Rainbow’?

When someone says ‘eat the rainbow’ they basically mean you should have a look at your plate and make sure there are plenty of vibrant fruits or veggies, all mingled together.

Fruit and veg can be some of the most colourful foods we will ever eat and getting creative with their hues helps to keep our meals interesting.

Too much of one colour would be boring, e.g. if you had a bowl of pasta with a side of garlic bread, that’s a lot of beige to be putting into your body. Taking a look at the colours on our plates is also a great way to start being mindful of the food we put into our bodies. Usually, we will mindlessly shovel down our food without appreciating how beautiful it actually is.

Learning to be grateful and find wonderment in something as simple as the colours on your plate, helps us to be a little more present when it comes to meal times, something many of us will be lacking.


How do you start to Eat the Rainbow?

Getting started with ‘eating the rainbow’ is very easy and it includes fun food shopping. Head to your local supermarket and fill your trolley with a vegetable and a fruit in every colour. You may think there’s very little you can actually do with such a random selection of food, but you’ll be presently surprised.

This is why Buddha bowls lend themselves perfectly to the ‘eat the rainbow’ concept. With Buddha bowls, it is very much a mix and match situation. You can choose your favourite ingredients and experiment with flavours to get the perfect, nutritious bowl!

To get started with the perfect rainbow Buddha bowl, have a little look at this weeks video!