The ‘I’m Fine’ Podcast – Episode 1 – It’s OK to Laugh, We’re All Crazy

If you’ve been watching my weekly vlogs, you’ll know that I came up with the genius idea to create a, not too serious, podcast around mental health and daily life. So, using a very high-tech microphone that I’d forgotten I even had, I set to work creating this new content!

I set out to record a ‘test’ episode, in order to find my feet and see if I could actually create a decent sounding podcast around mental health. Turns out it is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Trying to keep a consistent train of thought and get your point across verbally, is not my strong point.

I am definitely better behind a keyboard. But, even though whilst I was recording it I thought I was the worst podcaster in existence, I had a listen back and it’s actually pretty good! Although I am biased.


Episode 1 – Exploring the medium of laughter

In episode 1, I wanted to lay the ground work for the types of topics I’ll be covering over the next 5 episodes of season 1. I touch on my own mental health story and why I’m so passionate about this subject and move on to how we can open up the conversation around mental health.

I really enjoyed simply getting my opinion across and opening up this discussion. I wanted to talk about my own coping mechanisms in a non-scary or intense way and laughter has always been a big part of that.


Can laughter and depression ever come together?

Yes and it is extremely powerful. During the podcast I talk about the comedian Ruby Wax, who has been very open about her struggle with mental health, particularly manic depression. She takes on a comedic approach to this subject and I feel like a lot more people gain an understanding and comfort around mental health, when they feel like they can relax and have a joke about certain things.

It’s a common misconception that people with depression are super serious, enjoy solitude and just cry all the time. When people have seen you laugh and smile, they find it hard to believe you when you tell them that you have depression. But I like to joke about my mental health, I find it helps me cope easier and it also allows people to feel more comfortable asking me about it.

It’s this idea that I open to the floor, so let me ask you, lovely blog readers, how do you feel we should make the conversation around mental health more approachable?