Vlog 5 | Not a Great Week and Buying My First Snowboard

Vlog number 5 is here and ready for your viewing pleasure. Find out about buying my first snowboard, dealing with depression and mood swings and what I've learned about my mental health.


If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that this past week I had some sort of hormonal breakdown and both my mood and my skin became disastrous.

I posted some short videos discussing how I’d been and how my mood had changed, but in this week’s vlog, I go into a little more detail about what went down and how I was feeling about it.

Like most people, to cheer myself up, I spent a bit of moolar on some cheeky gifts for myself. This resulted in me buying a snowboard, my first ever board. I’ve given it a try today and I spent most of my time crashing to the floor.


Sometimes it’s the Little/Big Things

It’s strange how much it can lift your mood to buy something you’ve coveted for so long. I hadn’t even received the board yet and I was already incredibly happy and excited.

In this vlog, you basically see me running to and from the snowboard store, excitedly talking about bindings, boards, and boots. You may not have a clue what I’m on about, but do you notice the difference between beginning me and outro me?

The whole reason I’m vlogging my weeks is to give a more accurate representation on how dramatically my mood can shift and change day to day. I have always struggled with extreme highs and lows and hopefully, these vlogs will be able to show someone living with mental health issues, but doing just that, LIVING.

Anyway, that’s quite enough rambling, it’s time to watch and don’t forget to click that all important subscribe button, your support really does mean the world to me!